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Why Does Your Agency Need A Blog?

There are four important reasons your agency needs a blog, which you can read about below. But, if you’re already sold on why you need a blog (or already have one) you can click here to jump to the content ideas.

Reason #1: To Keep Existing Clients

Keeping your current customers is as, if not more important than, getting new ones. And having a content-filled blog is the ideal way to do it. Why?

Because showing that you’re consistently involved, and innovating, in your niche can be the difference between a client staying with you, or heading to a more forward thinking agency.

Let’s look at an example.

Go Fish Digital pride themselves on their backbone of Thought Leadership, Applied”. And, if you head to their blog, you can see all of their thought leadership posts…

Read more: http://www.serped.com/agency-blog-post-ideas-topics/1941#ixzz4nPDkwTjP

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